Hatfield Music Publishing CC (HMP) endeavours to create a one-stop solution that will remove the hassle from having to deal with the business aspect of the music industry; the administration of copyright, licences, registration, royalty payments, etc. This will give you space to do what you do best: glorifying God with your music!


It is our stated aim to do business with integrity when publishing and advertising the songs in our catalogue.

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  Our story  

HMP CC was started in July 1996 in the midst of a revival at Hatfield Christian Church (HCC) and many new songs were written and sung at this time. Our first CD was recorded and released by HCC, and was called Church Ablaze and during the following years three further albums were released in this series: 

  • Waves of Glory - 1997

  • Holy Spirit Come - 1997

  • In Your Presence - 1999


HMP CC filled a gap in the existing South African market, which was to promote church music to local congregants. In 2008 a live recording was made of the worship at HCC called Staying in Your Presence. Since then, a number of new songwriters have signed with HMP CC where their songs and royalties are well administrated and legally protected.

  Where we are today  

Since the recording of the 2008 album, we have released 90 original songs, 13 albums and 5 DVD’s. A total of 45 songwriters and composers are currently signed up with us, entrusting their songs to us through distribution deals and copyright contracts. Another HCC worship CD was released in 2014 called Fresh Bread.


  Our record label  

After some research we decided to expand the publishing company to include our own record label called Turnaround Music.


Our aim is twofold:

  • to make our expertise available to bridge the gap between the music industry and the local artist.

  • to bring integrity and  transparency back into to the music industry as we redeem the arts together.

Our albums are available here


  Our team  

Gerben Grooten

Director Hatfield Music Publishing & Turnaround Music


Hi! I was born in the Netherlands in 1970 and have been involved in studying and playing music since the age of three. This led to completing three master's degrees in orchestral percussion, orchestral conducting and music education. When I turned 25, I exchanged my playing career for arts education and became the Deputy Director and Project Co-ordinator at a creative arts institution in Holland. I enjoyed teaching orchestral percussion and conducting the orchestras and choirs while leading the

2000-strong institution. Ever since then I have worked with many ensembles, orchestras and bands, as both a conductor and musician. 

I became a Christian in 2000 and have had the privilege of working with many organisations, churches and

 universities in Asia, Europe and America. I came to South Africa in 2005 together with my wife Mieke, and three years later started Hatfield Arts Centre at Hatfield Christian Church.


Presently I am the Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of both the Pretoria Symphony Orchestra and the Pretoria Bach Choir.  I am deeply moved by the people, potential and cultural diversity of this country: a powerful mix of ingredients for the arts, which could become a mirror to the world.

Chris Matthews

Artists & Repertoire Manager (A&R)

I am currently the Artist and Repertoire Manager for HMP CC and our Record Company Turnaround Music. I completed my National Diploma at Tshwane University of Technology School of Music In 2011, majoring in Electric Guitar: Light Music/Jazz. I freelance as a guitar teacher at Hatfield Arts Centre and am the assistant Director to Gerben Grooten.

Tanya Page

Copyrights and Contracts

I used to work as a manager in one of SA’s leading retail stores before I joined the dynamic team of Hatfield Arts Centre in 2008. My bachelor’s degree is in the field of Consumer Science (University of Pretoria) but post grad I did a certificate at WITS in Management and Marketing for the Music Industry. I am now the financial manager of the Arts Centre.

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  What we do  

HMP CC offers expertise regarding the following:

  • administration and publishing of song catalogues, and

  • registration and copyright of songs.


The music publisher’s job is to work with the songs and compositions signed to them.

These need to be promoted and marketed within the music industry, especially to the A&R agents who are always on the lookout for new and exciting artists and songs. Once a song is chosen, it is recorded, produced and marketed by that specific agent’s label.


After releasing the song in the marketplace, the publisher needs to administer the compositional rights related to the lyrics and melody. By doing this, they ensure that the artist receives the appropriate royalties when songs are:

  • performed live

  • mechanically reproduced or

  • synchronised to a motion picture.


Consider signing up with us if you live in South Africa and you write songs that are being sung in your local church. Download our Songwriter's Contract.


  Contact us  

Get in touch

Tel: +27 12 368 2454

Email: music_publishing@hatfield.co.za

Physical address:

551 January Masilela Drive, Pretoria, 0181

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